Grass Harrowing is best carried in the spring as this is when your paddocks and pasture land will really see the benefits.

However, early autumn grass harrowing, together with aeration will be beneficial for the following season.


Grass Harrowing is used to drag out thatch, dead grass, making way for new growth. Grass Harrowing will help to remove moss and weeds as well as help to level ground and mole hills, as the thatch is removed it allows air and light in, letting new grass to shoot and grow by increasing sward density helping to stop weeds taking hold and smothering grass. It will also help distribute any manure that is around, helping it to rot and release nutrients, allowing sunlight and air to kill dormant work eggs.

Grass Harrowing
Grass Harrowing Service

We use spring tine grass harrows which are a really efficient way of grass harrowing and are better than chain harrows although, they still have their place in some circumstances. Our spring tine grass harrows are 4 meters in width but fold down to allow access through small gates into inaccessible fields and paddocks. The width of the harrow will give high output which is important during the spring when the weather can be unpredictable.The angle of the tines can be adjusted depending on the sward condition at the time. A  really matted dense sward will be harrowed more aggressively to allow light and air in.

It is important that ground conditions are not too wet to avoid damage to the ground caused by the tractor and not too dry to get the full benefits of the harrow.

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