Fertiliser spreading is an important part of maintaining your paddocks and grasslands.


Fertiliser spreading is an integral part of maintaining your paddocks and grasslands to produce high quality, plentiful forage for livestock.

Fertiliser spreading promotes plant growth by replenishing minerals and salts that have been absorbed by grass and increases sward density helping to prevent weed growth.

The type of fertiliser used will depend on the livestock that the paddock or pasture supports. Horse paddocks should not be too rich and high in nitrogen as this can cause several types of illness, including colic and laminitis. We use Suregrow Fertilisers for fertiliser spreading on horse and pony paddocks as it specifically designed for this purpose.

Applying Suregrow fertiliser can be used to areas where your livestock is without the need to move or keep them off the paddock for some time. Suregrow is a slow-release fertiliser and will give more sustained grass growth over a while. Spreading Suregrow fertiliser will result in palatable grass and healthy pasture.

Timing and Rates for Suregrow Fertiliser Spreading

We recommend spreading 80kgs per acre in the spring and early spring, March through to May. From September until November we recommend an additional 60Kg an acre.

Fertiliser Spreading

Hay and Silage

Hay and silage tend to need more nitrogen to make the grass row and give a high yielding crop. Compound fertilisers are readily available and come in different mixtures. The numbers on the bag or brochure represent what they contain. An example would be 20-10-10, which denotes 20% nitrogen, 10% phosphate and 10% potassium. Nitrogen, phosphate and potash are essential healthy grass growth.  Many different types are available, but a soil test needs to be done to ascertain for any mineral deficiencies. An ideal time for application is in the spring when the grass is just beginning to grow after the winter. 60kg-100kg will quickly stimulate rapid growth.

fertiliser spreading

Suitable Weather conditions for Spreading

Spreading Compound fertilisers onto wet or damp is not recommended as it can lead to scorched plants. All fertilisers will start to work after a good rain, very quickly. Wind needs to be taken into consideration, as this will affect how evenly the product spreads across the pasture.

Application Method of Fertilisers.

Fertiliser is not inexpensive and should be applied accurately and evenly. We use mounted twin disk spreaders carefully calibrated. Spreaders spread fertiliser across a 12-metre width evenly and accurately. Compact tractors, fitted with John Deere Greenstar and self-drive reduce wastage to a minimum making the process economical and extremely precise. Aeration of a field or paddock before application is very beneficial. Minerals can reach the roots quickly and start to work faster without having to seep through heavy compacted land.

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