MC Country Services Specialists in Paddock Maintenance Services

MC Country Services is a well established family-owned agricultural contractors, with many years of experience in grassland management, paddock maintenance and all types of equine and agricultural fencing. We provide a full range of services to smallholdings, equine and farming properties in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

We deliver highly professional results and excellent customer service, which are all part of our core company beliefs.

Our investment in modern grassland machinery

Investment in high-quality modern machinery allows us to produce excellent results. Paddocks fields and grassland can be maintained and restored efficiently and economically. Our fleet of modern powerful compact tractors, are all fitted with turf tyres. Paddocks and pasture are not affected by heavy agricultural tyres that can create damage, compaction and ruts in wet and damp conditions. Compact tractors have the advantage of being able to get into smaller areas and are more manoeuvrable in tight corners. GPS and self-steer allows us to cover the land work in a highly efficient manner, saving time and wastage on overlapping.

Implements for spraying, over seeding, topping, harrowing, rolling fertiliser spreading, hedge cutting are all available to fit our compact tractors.  Paddocks, fields and grassland can all be efficiently maintained using any of our implements.

Paddock Spraying is an integral part of field and paddock maintenance. We hold qualifications in City and Guilds PA1, PA2 and PA6 in tractor mounted and knapsack spraying.

City and Guilds qualifications are a legal requirement for all contractors when applying any professional herbicide or pesticide. Insurance is essential, and we are fully insured to undertake any spraying job.

Membership of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors, NAAC, demonstrates our commitment to excellent service and highly professional standards.

Fencing Installation Services
Tractors & Equipment at MC Country Services
NAAC Member Paddock Maintenance

Fencing and Other Services

Fencing is an integral part of stock management in paddocks and fields. Stock fencing, equine fencing, post and rail, electric fencing and all types of gates can be supplied and installed by us.

Water is essential to livestock, and we have specialist equipment for laying pipes and installing troughs. Stable basis, roadways and other requirements for equine and smallholdings are all part of our service.


Soil Sampling Service and Advice

Soil sampling will enable us to determine the best course of action for tired-looking paddocks, fields and pasture. Lack of certain nutrients and the wrong Ph can be corrected to make the paddock or field far more productive. Advice is always on hand to help you get the most out of your grassland paddocks and pasture.


If you are looking for any agricultural, equine or other types of fencing services in your area, please call us on 07721 366007 or use the form below to get a free no obligation estimate.