Professional pasture, field, grass and paddock maintenance services for equine properties, small holdings and large commercial areas.
We work throughout Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire delivering a first class services to our many customers.

Agricultural, Paddock Maintenance, Estate Management and Fencing Services

As agricultural contractors, we offer a wide variety of professional pasture, field, grass, fencing and paddock maintenance services for agricultural, equine properties, estates and small holdings.

We pride ourselves on our highly professional maintenance services and our customer care. We have many happy and satisfied customers across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Cambridgeshire. Please look at or testimonials page for more information

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Over Seeding Services
Pasture Spraying Services

Keeping weeds at bay by spraying herbicides is important. We are fully qualified to apply all types of herbicide and are fully insured.

Paddock Topping Services
fertiliser spreading

Fertiliser spreading is normally carried out in the spring to help start the grass growing. We use Suregrow for all equine paddocks and a variety of other fertilisers for other livestock areas.


Often over looked but very important. Soil aeration helps relieve compaction, increases root development and helps drainage.

Grass Harrowing

Spring tine harrows are used to remove thatch, weeds and debris from pasture as well as levelling poached areas.


Rolling grassed areas helps removes hoof marks, flatten out uneven areas and thicken the sward. This is usually carried out in the spring before the ground completely dries out.

Hedge Cutting

Stock fencing is an important part of animal welfare and can be installed on most areas. Post and rail fencing is attractive and suits many equine properties.